Drs. Lilah Maduro-Wever,

PSW director, Drs. Lilah Maduro Wever, is an NIP- registered psychologist who completed her Master’s Degree in Social & Organizational Psychology at Rijksuniversiteit Leiden in 1999, and the Clinical & Health Psychology Degree at University of Tilburg in 2004. She has worked in a private practice in Aruba, Buro Arends, where her main tasks consisted of being a training facilitator and working in diagnostics/ testing. She also did a 1 year internship at an ambulatory mental health institution in Holland, GGZ- MIdden Brabant, where she mainly worked with short term treatments and providing a program for adults with ADHD symptoms. Upon returning to Aruba and before starting her own practice, she worked almost 3 years at Centro Dakota, an intramural rehabilitation center for a 1 year involuntary placement of addicts with additional mental health issues. She works with all the clinical groups mentioned on the Counseling/  Therapies page. Her clinical techniques which she applies the most are CBT- based techniques, EMDR, Hypnotherapy and Theraplay techniques.


Drs. Shira Essed,

Drs. Shira Essed, a psychologist with experience in the treatment of, among other things, drug problems in young people and adults, PTSD, stress and unexplained physical complaints. She worked as a psychologist at the Coordination Office for Drugs Control, Psychological Services Wever, Fundacion pa Maneho di Adiccion di Aruba and the Department of Social Affairs. She has successfully completed a Master’s degree in Clinical and Health Psychology at Leiden University. She is currently working at her own company ESSED COACHING as a psychologist and coach-in-training.”